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Financial Systems

Mobile Cashing

We were one of the first lottery industry suppliers to deliver a mobile cashing system that enables players to scan winning tickets, perform claims, and electronically receive winnings - all while handling tax, compliance and anti-fraud controls in the background. Hundreds of millions in prizes, and growing, have been paid to date.

  • Player Identity Management

    We can integrate with an existing player registration system or perform all the necessary checks to verify age and identity of players in-app with controls for compliance.

  • Gaming System Integration

    We can securely integrate with the gaming system to check for qualifying winning tickets as they are scanned in-app and to validate them as paid.

  • Tax and Payment Processing

    We can support an array of payment options to players to receive funds while automating all of the tax compliance to players and reporting agencies.


Get In Touch - Explore How We Can Help

From industry reporting to state lotteries, to small consulting projects, and full-scale software systems spanning app, web, and transactional backends - we have a versatile team that is ready to engage.

Custom Projects

At Gambyt, we have perfected the agile software process to support the delivery of many large-scale financial system projects. Examples include:


Annuities System

We developed a custom Annuities payment system as part of a large-scale legacy conversion project. The modernized time-payment system handles an abundance of complex scenarios from inheritance to lifetime prize payments.

Key Highlights:

  • Converted decades of legacy data into a modern system
  • Developed system to handle a myriad of tax rules
  • Created a suite of supporting financial reports

Pull Tab Ordering System

Our team developed a cloud-based solution to support charitable gaming licensing, Pull Tab ticket ordering, and tax collection. The modernized system is integrated with distribution warehouses supporting pickup and shipped orders.

Key Highlights:

  • Provides digital licensee administration for lottery staff
  • Manages Pull Tab inventory, orders, and payments
  • Web portal for charities to file and remit tax forms

Claim Payment System

We created a modernized lottery payment system that manages all taxable claims and allows finance and compliance staff to perform payment holds, reissue payments, and tax form artifacts in a self-service back office portal.

Key Highlights:

  • Merges a multitude of payment streams in a single view
  • Enables key financial and compliance task workflows
  • Complimented with an extensive suite of financial reporting