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Loyalty Solutions

Rewards Wheel

We delivered the first omni-channel rewards wheel game, offering instantly-awarded prizes for retail gaming and internet gaming, and continued to build upon that innovative spirit with our Rewards Wheel product that can be customized and deployed into any app or website.

  • Flexible Prize Engine

    Our system can distribute millions of prizes using a variety of approaches from probability-based (limitless) to fixed-quantity prizes.

  • Thrilling Game Mechanics

    We've perfected the art of creating a thrilling game with near-win experiences and bonus elements within a simplistic play experience.

  • Gaming System Integration

    As part of configuring the product, we integrate with both retail and online gaming systems to provide real-time free play rewards.


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From industry reporting to small consulting projects and full-scale software systems spanning app, web, and transactional backends - we have a versatile team that is ready to engage.

Custom Projects

At Gambyt, we have perfected the agile software process to support the delivery of many loyalty and promotional systems. Examples include:


Scan-to-Enter Promotions

We've created the most seamless "scan-to-everything" apps in the lottery industry that support automatic awarding of entries into eligible drawings. Streamlined. Simple. Powerful.

Key Highlights:

  • One scan to see winnings or earn entries
  • Configurable to select games for entry
  • Gambyt's security and anti-fraud controls

Automated Coupons

Our team has developed one of the most advanced couponing systems for lotteries that can handle automatic assignment in real-time as part of prizes, marketing campaigns, or customer service make goods.

Key Highlights:

  • Fully integrated with gaming system to redeem
  • Strong security features and audit controls

Register-to-Win Microsites

Gambyt has developed register-to-win websites that have handed sensitive player information and withstood massive traffic surges without any effects on performance.

Key Highlights:

  • Simple way to collect user information
  • Winner selection by lottery or automated
  • Gambyt's security and anti-fraud controls