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We've built a vibrant consulting and software development practice that empowers our teams to collaborate effectively and to consistently produce game-changing results.


Product Practice

Product is led by industry experts that have vast exposure to the real-money gaming market at retail and online. We understand regulatory, social, and political factors of the industry and incorporate game theory and user experience principles into our efforts.

Tools we embrace:

  • Figjam

We are inspired by:

  • "Inspired" by Marty Cagan
  • Lenny's Podcast

Design Practice

Our design team is comprised of a mix of user experience, graphic, and animation experts. We lead the way with human-centric design that is rooted in minimalism, obviousness, and high visual impact for the thrills that players seek. Equal parts science and artistic expression are exuded through our deliverables.

Tools we embrace:

  • Figma
  • Protopie

We are inspired by:

  • "Sprint" by Jake Knapp
  • "An Event Apart" thought leaders

Software Engineering Practice

We have an exceptional development team that is responsible for building, monitoring, and supporting large-scale solutions. We combine development, security, and operations under one roof. Our team believes in pragmatic programming principles, continuous integration, and pair programming.

Tools we embrace:

  • AWS, Heroku, Fastly, Contentful, Retool
  • Node, React, Typescript, Swift, Kotlin

We are inspired by:

  • "The Pragmatic Programmer" by Andrew Hunt & Daniel Thomas
  • "Extreme Programming" by Kent Beck

Interested in Working With Us?

We are always searching for talented individuals to join our team. Enjoy a remote work environment, an vibrant culture, and support our mission to drive an industry forward.